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StarKnights FAQ

  1. StarKnights looks great. How do I start playing?
  2. Is it an RTS (Real-Time Strategy) or a TBS (Turn-Based Strategy) Game?
  3. Can I play for free?
  4. What advantages do I get if I register?
  5. Will all my accounts be registered?
  6. I'm a registered Metal Knights player, am I registered for SK too?
  7. Is the Universe a "Persistent World" in this game?
  8. All right. How do I win?
  9. How can my character increase in level? And what does that mean?
  10. So everyone can play at once. How do I interact with the other players?
  11. Hmmm.. then what if something happens while I'm not online?
  12. No Technology Tree? No Money either? Then what?
  13. Help! I lost my registration number, do I need to register again?
  14. Help! I lost my password, I can't login with my account anymore...
See also the
TroubleShooting section in the Help files.

  • StarKnights is looks great. How do I start playing?
  • StarKnights is NOT a web-based game. You need to download the game client so you can benefit from faster gameplay, cool animations, graphics and sound effects. But don't worry, we made it very easy. To download the client setup file, just click on the SetupSK.exe link on the Download page. Next, execute (double-click on) the file you just downloaded and select "Install". A StarKnights group menu will appear in your Start Menu, and you should now be ready to play StarKnights on your computer.

    To play online, first make sure you're connected to the Internet and then select "Internet" from the StarKnights Main Menu. Then click "New" to create a new server account. Choose a login name (the name that identifies your server account, i.e. character) and a password and you'll be connected to a StarKnights Game Server.

    Being an Admiral, your first actions should be to explore the solar system you start in as well as the nearby stars, scanning for enemy presence and suitable planets. You'll also need to begin the production of ship components. For then on, multiple strategies are available...

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  • Is it an RTS (Real-Time Strategy) or a TBS (Turn-Based Strategy) Game?
  • Good question. The game is based on turns, of course, but not in the same way as other TBS Games (e.g. Metal Knights). In StarKnights, you accumulate turns continuously at a constant rate until you decide to spend them to accomplish actions. An action can be moving your fleet to another star, capturing an enemy colony, etc. At its inception, each game's creator determines the duration of a turn, ranging from a few seconds to a few hours.

    Moreover, multiple players can play their turns simultaneously, so you never have to wait for another player to play before you can spend your accumulated turns again. This is especially important for the RTS aspects of the game like Fleet Combat and bartering at the Tradepost. Now you can fight your battles head-to-head in real time against a live opponent!

    Typically, players will spend a few minutes to a couple of hours playing the game online every day. The game is designed in such a way that players are not penalized for missing turns. Nor do they get an advantage by camping in a game 24 hours a day.

    So, to answer the question, SK is a hybrid of RTS (the game engine is RTS) and a TBS. Ahh... only the best of both worlds! :)

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  • Can I play for free?
  • Sure! This is a demo. You can play both local and Internet games for free. The game client doesn't even expire. However, since developing and maintaining a game and paying for the servers can get expensive, we're counting on you to purchase the game once it comes out.

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  • What advantages do I get if I pre-register?
  • We've discussed limiting the class of Ships unregistered players can have to, say, Level 4. We'll have to play the game a little more to make sure it's a reasonable limitation. Whatever constraint we do decide upon, it will always remain possible for an unregistered player to have fun and even compete.

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  • Will all my accounts be registered?
  • Well no, registrations are account-based. When you register, you get a code you can use to register any account you wish. Some of you might have several alter egos, if you want to register them all, you'll need to register the game multiple times.

    There are several reasons for this. First and foremost, players using multiple accounts do multiply server usage. Second, we set the price for the lifetime registration lower than the actual costs. This is to make registering the game accessible to as many players as possible. It is our bet that the most enthusiast players will eventually register more than one account, allowing us to meet our costs.

    We chose against a higher price and a multiple registration system also because it would be too easy for some players to start reselling registered SK accounts. (Nahh, you wouldn't do that!)

    Now you are wondering 'Okay, but What if I don't want to play my registered account anymore?'. Well, that shouldn't be a problem since it will be possible to reset your character. For example, you're a StarKnights that got attracted to easiness of the dark side? Just reset and become a DarkKnight!

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  • I'm a registered Metal Knights player, am I registered for SK too?
  • Well no, registered MK players will be registered for Metal Knights II, not for StarKnights! They are two independent games.

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  • Is the Universe a "Persistent World" in this game?
  • No, there can be an unlimited number of games on the StarKnights servers, all of which are independent, each with different settings determined by the game's creator. You may even play in more than one game at once. What you do in one game won't affect other games. Of course, you may also think of each game as a persistent world that resets once a player wins...

    The only exceptions to this rule are your character's skills, which you can improve by completing missions and winning games, in a fashion similar to RPGs. Skills carry over from one game to the next.

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  • All right. How do I win?
  • There are several ways to win a game. To add to the fun and to the strategy, there are Missions to complete. Each Mission has its own Victory conditions. The first, and most obvious, way is when you've taken everyone else out of the game. The Victor can also be the first player to defeat a hostile Alien Emperor, the first to produce a certain quantity of particular product, the first player to capture all the Alien Artifacts, the first to build some advanced weaponry... and the list goes on!

    On the other hand, you lose the game when your Flag Ship is destroyed. So make sure your Flag Ships is always accompanied by your largest fleet on a fortified planet, and not floating alone in the void.

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  • How can my character increase in level? And what does that mean?
  • While playing a mission, you earn experience points. Depending on the difficulty level of your achievement, you earn a commensurate amount of points. These points are cumulative throughout the whole life of your character (i.e. StarKnights Account). After a while, you should have enough points to advance to a higher level, pretty much the same way as in an RPG. Advancing a level increases your character's skills and allows you to strengthen your fleet according to which skills you choose to improve.

    For example, a Level 3 Admiral can use Class 3 (or Level 3) Ships in his/her fleet (The higher the Class, the bigger the ship) and can improve his leadership skills, allowing him to add more ships into his fleet.

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  • So everyone can play at once. How can I interact with the other players?
  • First, when you connect to a StarKnights Server, a Chat window pops up automatically. This window keeps you in touch with the other players connected at the same time. You can also use the Player Mail feature to send and receive messages.

    Everything is dynamic in StarKnights. As a player move his fleet in your sector, you'll see it move right on your screen! You can attack it and initiate a real-time space fleet combat or hide away on a nearby friendly planetary base. If you don't feel like handling the combat yourself, an A.I. (don't worry, the A.I. that controls the aliens DOESN'T collaborate with the A.I. controlling your fleetů) will take care of it for you.

    The Tradepost also features real-time updates and transactions! You can buy and sell goods while chatting with your business partner, creating deals and strategic alliances live.

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  • Hmmm.. then what if something happens while I'm not online?
  • Okay, you read above that Fleet Combats are Real-Time, always. So what happens if another player attacks you while you're not logged in? Simple, the computer A.I. will play for you.

    The clever Admiral, though, will leave his/her fleet in a relatively secure area before going to sleep. I'd say a safe place would be orbiting a planet you control, hopefully defended with a Planet Cannon and a Planet Shield, and located well within your borders.

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  • No Technology Tree? No Money either? Then what?
  • That's right, there's no technology tree in StarKnights! As long as you have (or find, build, trade or whatever) the required components, you're free to use whatever technology you wish.

    It might be a little confusing at first, having the prospect of building almost everything right from the start. But it's really nothing to worry about. You'll get used to it soon enough and be amazed at the additional strategic elements it provides!

    And no, there's no money either. Okay, there are Trade Credits, which might be akin to a currency, but you don't buy your stuff with money. You either build something from components that you manufactured or acquired through trade or you trade for something using resources or products you already own. So, while trading, the trade values of minerals, goods and components are expressed in "Trade Credits" for simplicity's sake. Thus, instead of trading say, 12,000 potatoes for a Wasp Fighter, you sell your potatoes to get Trade Credits. Then you use your Trade Credits to get the Wasp Fighter.

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  • Help! I lost my registration number, do I need to register again?
  • Of course not! If ever you loose your hard drive or you want to play from a different computer, and you can't remember your password? Just create your account again using the same name and password and leave the registration number blank. The server knows you've already registered, it will fill in your registration number automatically.

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  • Help! I lost my password, I can't login with my account anymore...
  • If you used a valid email address with your StarKnights account, you can use the password retrieval form to search for any login names and password you have.

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